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Changes in Construction Law in 2015

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Commercial Real Estate |


Experts in California construction law predicted that 2015 would see many changes to the statutes dealing with contractors, licensing requirements, prevailing wages, public works projects, etc. If you need assistance navigating recent changes to California construction law, contact the southern California real estate law experts at The Law Office of Retz & Aldover LLP.

Licensing Information: If you are interested in obtaining a license from the California Sate Licensing Board (CSLB), AB 2396 now prohibits them from denying an applicant based solely on any conviction that was previously dismissed. Effective 2016, SB 1159 will require that the CSLB obtain a tax ID# or social security number from any applicants seeking a contractor’s license.

Wage Classification Changes: 2015 saw a number of changes in wage and wage classifications. The Law Office of Retz & Aldover LLP can help to make sure that you are in compliance with the new wage classifications, such as AB 26. It provides a revision to the definition of “construction.” It now includes any activities during post-construction (i.e. cleanup, etc.) AB 1870 made a change to the way employer contributions to the State Apprenticeship Council are calculated for journeymen and apprentices. AB2744 was passed by the legislature expanding the existing law. The new law will prevent those in violation with intentions to defraud from bidding, being awarded, or working as a subcontractor on public works projects to apprentices.

If you need assistance with the new regulations and obtaining the best opportunities in public works projects, get in touch with the real estate and zoning attorneys at The Law Office of Retz & Aldover LLP. We can help you ascertain and maneuver land use and zoning laws that could benefit you and your business. For instance, AB 1179 authorizes the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to provide priority in the awarding of grants to projects in disadvantaged communities that generate new greenways using tires derived from products that fall under the California state tire recycling program.

For additional assistance with changes made to construction law in 2015, contact the southern California real estate law experts at The Law Office of Retz & Aldover LLP.