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What are some common construction law issues?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Construction Law |

At any given time in California there are thousands of construction projects in progress. That means that there are thousands of different ongoing business relationships between designers, builders and suppliers. There are also contractors and subcontractors involved in many different construction projects. With the intricate web of obligations and duties that exist in a typical construction project, there is always the possibility of legal issues popping up. So, what are some common construction law issues?

Well, for starters, there could be disputes over the scope of work to be completed in a construction project. For example, a subcontractor may interpret the designs and plans involved in a project differently than a general contractor. That may result in less work being completed, or incorrect work being completed.

In other situations, there may be an issue with a construction contract. In many business relationships, contracts provide the bedrock obligations and duties that the parties must abide by. If, for example, a supplier fails to deliver needed building materials either on time or in the correct amount, the whole project may get held up. The remedies for such a breach of a construction contract will likely be included within the wording of the contract, but litigation may still be the result.

Construction projects in California are often on strict timetables for completion. Any hold ups could result in costly delays, which is when lawsuits, mediation and arbitration may come up. Those who are involved in the construction industry should know their legal options when construction law issues arise.