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Court halts construction of new school

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Construction Law |

Any type of construction project can be tricky in California, as all parties involved attempt to balance environmental concerns, water concerns, aesthetic concerns and, for public projects in particular, financial concerns. Sometimes, the parties representing these various concerns are able to sit down, negotiate and come to a deal. However, in other cases, courtroom litigation becomes inevitable.

That appears to have been the case in San Diego recently, when a superior court ruled in favor of a group of concerned citizens who sued to stop the construction of a school near George Berkich Park. According to reports, all construction on the school project has been halted as a result of the injunction that the court issued preliminarily on November 18, and then confirmed on December 2.

The “Save the Park” group in opposition to the school’s construction alleges that certain environmental requirements were not met for the school project and that, as a result, George Berkich Park would be significantly changed. The school district, as our readers can imagine, was not pleased with the court’s ruling, particularly since a school had already been demolished in order for this new school construction project to proceed. The school district is, according to the reports, evaluating all options for how to push forward with the construction project.

Construction law issues oftentimes result in litigation such as that being seen in this case in San Diego between a school district and a concerned citizens group. Planners, developers, builders and even property owners need to be sure that they understand their legal options when they see a dispute like this on the horizon.