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Property owners should know the different construction defects

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Construction Disputes |

A variety of different types of construction defects can reduce the value of the property owner’s property or make it unfit for its intended use. Because of the significance of construction defects, property owners should be familiar with the different types of construction defects and how construction laws can protect them.

The different types of construction defects

Construction defects generally fall into four different categories including subsurface defects, design defects, materials defects and construction defects.  Specific construction defects can include problems with the structural integrity of a home or building; expansive soils; subsurface problems; water intrusion which can result in mold; mechanical and electrical defects; problems with the doors, windows, glass; or finishes. If a home or building is not constructed in a reasonably workmanlike manner, a variety of different parties could be liable to compensate the property owner for their damages including engineers, architects, contractors and sub contractors.

What property owners can do about construction defects

Different legal remedies are available to help property owners who are impacted by a construction defect. Different types of damages may be available including monetary damages to help property owners repair the construction defects or compensate them for the loss of value of use of their property.

When a building or home is not fit for its intended use because of construction defects, property owners should know how they can address those concerns. Construction defects can be frustrating and a serious concern for property owners which is why legal protections are an important resource in construction defects situations that property owners should be familiar with.