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Foundation cracks in a new home: Who is responsible?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Construction Disputes, Construction Law |

Wall cracks in an older home are normal, but if you notice significant defects in a newly built house, there could be cause for concern.

A crack in the foundation of your new home could indicate a problem with the construction process.

What are the most common builder deficiencies?

When builders cut corners, you suffer the consequences. Therefore, it is important to know what could go wrong when you embark on a new construction journey. The most common construction deficiencies include:

  • Material: faulty or ill-manufactured supplies, even when properly installed, can lead to unsightly, ineffective or even dangerous outcomes for residents
  • Construction: Negligence or poor craftsmanship causes serious defects that you may not notice right away. For example, a poorly mixed and poured foundation can cause serious foundation cracks which, if not repaired, can lead to water damage, electrical malfunctions, pest infestations or collapsed walls.
  • Subsurface: California homes are often located on hills or other unlevel surfaces, making construction difficult. To make the home a stable and sustainable structure, contractors must address the state of the earth prior to building. Improper landscaping can lead to inadequate drainage, which in turn can destroy the concrete foundation.

Who is liable for construction defects?

When you begin a new home construction, many different individuals and entities get involved with your project. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine who is culpable for the damage to your new home. You may be quick to blame your builder, but the fault may lie with manufacturers, developers, contractors or subcontractors.

As a property owner who spent your hard-earned money to build your dream home, you deserve a safe and unblemished structure for your family.