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What are some causes of construction delays?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Construction Law |

Construction delays can be a headache for everyone involved because they can increase the cost of a project and move the completion date further into the future.

Viewpoint explains that while some delays are things you cannot avoid, there are also many that you can prevent. You cannot change the weather or know when equipment may fail, but you can prevent delays involving subcontractors and labor, communication and budgeting.

Subcontractors and labor

Not having enough labor to do the job can severely delay things and increase your costs, which will come right out of your pocket. You may not be able to guarantee every worker shows up each day, but you can make sure that you carefully vet anyone you hire, including subcontractors. Make sure that you have enough crew to handle every task. It also helps to have emergency crews in mind or substitutes ready to fill in if someone calls off or quits.


If you and the other people involved in a project do not have effective communication, it will cause major issues. Miscommunication is a huge issue in construction, but it also is something easy to avoid. Keep everything in writing as much as you can. When you have solid contracts and written agreements, it gives you clear and definitive communication. Also, make sure everyone has access to information so that you do not forget to inform someone of something.


When giving a project estimate, you need to make sure it is as accurate as possible. If you mess up the estimate, there is a very good chance that the budget for the project will not be enough, even with a contingency fund. You need to double check all figures you provide to the client and account for all potential issues to get a budget that will last through the whole project.